My Home Inspection Experience:

My experience consists of 15 years in the home inspection industry performing over 4000 inspections. I represent the buying and selling clients of top performing real estate agents, mortgage lenders, attorneys, and builders. I have been a partner in a large national home inspection company. I have also been employed by a large national home inspection company as an area manager – David Kee, Illinois licensed home inspector #450.000257


My Philosophy

From the roof to the foundation, I approach each home inspection knowing that this is the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. It is a nerve racking time for most buyers. When a large purchase is made, the first thought that runs through a buyers mind is “Am I Making a Mistake? “.  Home inspections are intended to provide the accurate present condition of a real estate property. These findings allow the buyer, seller, real estate agent/s, and all parties involved to properly handle the transaction. Your home inspection will be performed in the most professional manner; with the latest equipment.

The computer generated inspection report is clear and concise. The report incorporates digital photographs to clearly identify and illustrate important information about the home. There is a detailed summary attached to the report that will have forwarding capabilities.

During the inspection process I highly recommend that the clients be present. There is a lot to learn about houses that attending the inspection will be able to address. The inspection process can be used as a learning experience on how to maintain a home.

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